1. poverty-stricken, destitute, penurious, impecunious, beggared, pauperized; indigent, poor, needy, necessitous, bad off, badly off, Sl. in rough or tough shape; pinched, straitened, distressed, in a bad way, Inf. strapped, tight, in a bind, Inf. up against it, Inf. on one's uppers, Inf. hard up; financially embarrassed, out of cash, Inf. short, Brit. Sl. skint, All Inf. broke, dead broke, flat broke, stone broke; bankrupt, ruined, wiped out, Inf. on the rocks, insolvent, overdrawn, in the red; down and out, out at the elbows, down at the heels, seedy.
2. exhausted, depleted, drained, used up, worn out, spent, played out; weakened, weak, feeble.
3.(all of a country or region) barren, stripped, deprived, poor, meager, scanty, scarce, lean; bare, dry, arid, bald, naked; dead, waste, desolate, empty, forlorn.

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